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Comprehensive Eye Exams
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Annual (yes, annual!) exams are very important not only to determine if you need correction to see well, but also to maintain the health of your eyes and general health. They are the first line of defense for preventative eye care.

While many eye diseases let you know something’s wrong – with symptoms such as red eyes, light sensitivity, or flashing lights – some serious, vision-threatening problems have no warning signs. For example, most forms of glaucoma produce no symptoms whatsoever until some vision has been permanently lost. Unless you have somebody looking at your eyes every year monitoring for change, you may not know you are at risk for eye diseases.  Proper eye care and checkups are the only way to ensure your peepers keep on peeping.

A complete eye exam involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases. It doesn’t hurt and it isn’t scary. Your doctor may use curious-looking equipment, shine bright lights directly at your eyes, and request that you place your head in a variety of instruments. Each test is necessary and serves the purpose of allowing your doctor to evaluate different aspects of your vision.

+ Emergency Eye Care +
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An eye emergency is an event where eyesight is at risk. Events that risk eyesight require prompt treatment to prevent vision loss.

  • Foreign body in the eye

  • Chemical contact with eye or face

  • Severe eye, head or face injury

  • Painful eye

  • Sudden loss of all or part of your vision

  • Appearance of a “veil”, or curtain across the field of vision

  • Onset and/or increase of flashing lights or floaters

  • Sudden changes in pupil size

  • Black eye

  • Bulging eye

  • Double vision

  • Post-operative patients with pain, redness, or loss of vision

Medical Eye Care
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Allen Eyecare Center provides a wide array of medical eye services including treatment for:

  • Dry Eyes

  • Glaucoma

  • Retinal Problems

  • Corneal Problems

  • Diabetic Eye Disease

  • Macular Degeneration

  • Hypertensive Eye Disease

  • Surgical Pre-op and Post-op Care

  • Conjunctivitis (Red Eye/Pink Eye)

We utilize advanced diagnostic technology that enables us to gather more information and provide more treatment options. We work closely with other doctors and surgeons in the area to ensure you get the expert help, and we communicate with them on your behalf to ensure your health needs are met.

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