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Allen Eyecare Center

Serving the Eyes of Texas Since 1985


Dr. Toufar

Dr. Brooks Wood, Jr.

Dr.Wood, Sr.

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Real patient reviews...


I CAN SEE, well I could see sharper and clearer now. The front office was helpful. Dr. Brooks explained everything that my insurance would cover and the intricate details of an eye exam. He was thorough and well-educated. After my exam, the person who helped me look through the glasses was realistic and helpful to find my perfect frame. Then... I was told 10 days to get my glasses and the return was less than 7 days after my exam. When I went to pick up my eyeglasses the employee was very helpful with some tips about wearing glasses since this was my first time. The experience was top-notch! I found Allen Eyecare Center on a whim through my insurance and I have hit a home run! Thank you!! I would highly recommend it!


I have been going to Allen Eyecare for over 20 years. My family has received the best care there. All test options are offered but not pushed, the results are clearly explained and preventative care is emphasized. Dr. Kritzer is the reason we started going there and the reason we will continue. Dr. Brooks is up to date regarding glaucoma research and eye health and Dr. Woods is thorough, explains every step and has a great sense of humor. Wish they would work with the insurance companies that long time patrons have been on. But cannot say enough about the wonderful care we have all received from the doctors and office staff. The office staff is warm, welcoming and attentive. *****


Every single time I leave Allen Eyecare Center, I feel like I have just been blessed.... The office staff is always smiling and warm. The young woman who helped me pick out my glasses was adorable. If I get run over by a beer truck tomorrow, I want them to know that my time there each year is actually something I looked forward to.
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