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Optical Services

   Our eyewear specialists are trained to select frames and lenses that fit each patient’s individual needs. We believe in providing value through a highly qualified team, personalized service, and the latest technology.  Our state of the art equipment and offering the latest in frame and lens technology keeps you seeing and looking your best! 

   We have consciously chosen brands made by independent manufacturers who use quality materials in their frame design.  Many brands are exclusive to our optical and cannot be purchased at other stores. If you have something in particular that you are looking for, please inquire as we can often order something just for you at no cost!

   We are able to customize lenses using the most current lens technologies, including thinner, lightweight lens materials, along with specialty lens designs and coatings. We also offer digital lenses and blue blocking technology! As a standard, we recommend anti-reflective coating for maximum comfort and durability. We welcome optical prescriptions from doctors outside of our clinic, and we also provide spectacle adjustments and repairs at no charge.

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